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radionica kreativnih ideja, dizajnerskih rješenja i modernih tržišnih komunikacija
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About Radionica

What is radionica?

A workshop of creative ideas, design solutions and modern communications

We are a creative team with a wide range of skills, and extensive experience in various projects. We provide high quality service and support in all aspects of marketing & communications. If you require advertising in printed or electronic media, an effective social event or you are interested in the internet and social media, perhaps radionica is the right choice for you.

Everything we do, we do with our heart. A fine design is the foundation of all of our work, but nevertheless, a great story and high quality content are most important in our projects. With each client we establish a close relationship in order to fully understand their needs and wishes and accordingly provide them with the best possible service so we can accomplish all of our mutual goals and objectives.


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we are radionica

Neven Šegetin

Neven Šegetin


Neven spoke his first words when he was 6 months old and since then he never stopped talking! Communication and human interaction have always been an important part of his life, so why not use that passion?

Nevena Vretenar

Nevena Vretenar

content manager

Nevena is moved by passion; passion about life, people, learning, dancing… and her main thought is: “Always believe in the impossible.” She loves to explore people psychology and she is not interested in the average. The world without excitement and creativity would be a very boring place for her.

Matej Purgar

Matej Purgar


Aah Matej! He is nice and sweet, but his hands are dangerous weapons in drawing, design or in martial arts. Our Matej is in eternal dilemma what he will become, grandmaster of design or Wing Chun.

Maja Starčević

Maja Starčević

project manager

Our Maja is full of life, always cheerful and very communicative (and loud :)). She likes people and creativity, and since she was a little girl, her biggest passion was photography. Her motto is: “If You can Imagine it, You can Achieve it.”

Marta Bakrač

Marta Bakrač-Pupić

digital advertising manager

Martha is a positive and versatile person. In addition to loving creativity and marketing, at leisure she likes to explore Tech news, travel destinations (she can become a tourist guide) & industrial design. In addition to everything she’s making a real artwork with clay.