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Web site development – Kamin Studio


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About This Project

Web site development

For our client, experts for fireplaces and wood stoves – Kamin Studio, we have created a complex web site. Web site development included development of digital strategy, in which we arranged details with the customer such as:

  • Target audience – age group, socio-demographic characteristics
  • Visitors – The number of monthly visitors
  • Structure of website
  • Content (text and photos)


The distribution of tasks within the team

Once we have agreed on all the details and received the necessary materials, we formed a project team. On each project of creating a web site works specific members of the team, but this time on the project participated designers and SEO specialist. Since the client has prepared the content, there was no need for the involvement of our copywriters.

Once the designers have created a structure of web site, they started with development of the platform in WordPress. Web is created in the form of a functional catalog with filtering products, categories, gallery and, if desired, it can be transformed into a functional web shop.

After completion of the development of the web, we continued with the technical optimization of the website which included: optimizing server, protocol, loading speed and optimization of photos. Defined basic SEO parameters for all sub-pages and entered products.

Once everything is settled, we arranged training for a client, where we introduced him with site updating pages and product upload so he can independently complete the listing of the remaining product to the site.

The releasement of web site is very exciting time, both for us and for the client. With Google Analytics tools that provide insight into a variety of statistics such as the number of users who visited, time spent on the page, the content that they examined, from which destinations they arrived at the site and various other data, we learned many important information.

We made an analysis of statistical data in a way that we have compared the behavior of users on the new website in comparison to the old website.

Results of analysis

After examining the statistical results we have provided the following data:

    • Bounce rate reduced to 77.05% – Bounce rate (the rate of abandonment) represents the percentage of people who went from the first page without further interaction on the web. In our case it is greatly reduced, which means that users on the new web come to the desired content easily, and continue browsing after the initial pages are viewed.


    • Number of unique users increased by 35.34% – unique users who have made at least one page view (visit website) within a certain time period. This number represents the actual number of users, which excludes computer or cookies. An increase of 35,34% indicates an increased interest of users for content and concept of the new website.


    • 19x increasement of session duration – Session is a set of interactions that occur on the website within a certain time frame or length of visits to the website. On the old website users have on average stayed 13 seconds. Now the average time session is even 4 minutes and 18 seconds, which is a great result that confirms the quality of the website.


  • 8x increasement of page views – By using Analytics tools we can monitor which sites users visit. Examination of the statistics we found out in relation to the relevant period of the previous number of hits on individual pages, increased by 8 times. This indicates the increasing interest of users for content on the website.

The statistic results show a significant improvement over previous period, which proves how web site should be thorough, structured and focused on concrete results.

If and you need quality web site, please contact us and arrange a meeting with us, where we will work out all your ideas, desires and needs, and with our experience and knowledge, create the perfect website.