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Video advertising-Victorinox


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About This Project

Long and tedious ads in which special offers and product bragging that are put in the first plan, slowly goes in history. Video advertising has become a real hit!


Users are rejected by traditional advertising and are more attracted to different and innovative video advertising.
YouTube is the most popular online service for sharing videos where users can upload, view and rate videos, and if you want to reach those users at the time of searching and browsing video, we are here for YOU! ?
If you sell products or services, you should definitely include video advertising in your digital strategy! Why?



7 reasons why video advertising is a “HOT THING”


  1. In 2017, 74% of Internet traffic will occupy – video
  2. YouTube is the second largest search network – with 3 billion searches every month
  3. Reach to a large number of users at the time of search and watching video
  4. The ability to connect with domestic and foreign customers
  5. Budget management of advertising – you choose the amount you want to spend
  6. Closely target audience – with regard to the objectives of the campaign, you can specify display ads by: location, age structure, interests.
  7. Measurability of campaigns – you can always monitor the results and optimize them.



Types of YouTube ads

TrueView in-stream – showing a promotional video for 5 seconds after which users have the option of skipping the video, because it is necessary in the beginning to occupy their attention. Payment is made when a user watches a video for at least 30 seconds.


TrueView video discovery – advertisements displayed by other YouTube videos on the YouTube platform, or the Google Display Network that match your target audience. You pay only if a user chooses to watch your video by clicking on the ad.
Find out how we do it in practice …



Video advertising – case study


For the famous Swiss brand of multifunctional pocket knives, watches and Victorinox travel gear, we have designed a strategy and implemented video advertising in Croatia. The campaign lasted during August and September of 2016.

  • 31.13% ratio of browsing the entire promotional video in relation to the number of views at YouTube in-stream advertising
  • 2.83% ratio of browsing the entire promotional video in relation to the number of views at YouTube discovery advertising
  • 57.24% increase in the number of visits (sessions) on the website



The results tell the story for themselves, and are the only example of how video advertising greatly pays off, and the brand is positioning in the minds of consumers in an innovative and interesting way.

If you want to keep ahead with trends, then your brand should appear at key locations. YouTube is definitely the “place to be”, so please contact us and arrange a casual meeting to propose any further steps that will launch you far above the competition! ?