Google Adwords campaign for Orthodontics Marelić
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Google Adwords campaign for Orthodontics Marelić


google adwords

About This Project

Google Adwords campaign

For client Orthodontics Marelić we set up a Google Adwords campaign that includes Google search advertising and remarketing campaign through Display Network.


The campaign on the search network is used to help users to get information about your products and services at the very moment of their time. By setting up a Google Adwords campaign for Orthodontics Marelić we wanted to accomplish the following objectives:


  • Positioning of Orthodontics Marelić at the top of a Google search for terms related to orthodontic services
  • Increase the number of calls and allow users to make one click to reserve your appointment and learn more
  • Precisely target desired groups of users by geographical location
  • Increase the number of patients


We use Google Adwords remarketing campaign for displaying ads through banners to users who have previously visited web page Orthodontics Marelić. Remarketing is used to reach the target audience that has already shown interest in the product or service. Customers are reminded to make specific conversion: application to the newsletter, book a term online or through direct calls and other.

By setting the Google Adwords remarketing campaigns for Orthodontics Marelić, we wanted to accomplish the following objectives:


  • Motivate users to re-visit the website in order to achieve the micro and macro conversion (provision term through calls or filling out forms, subscribe to a newsletter, etc.)
  • To offer additional services to existing customers
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Converting potential into actual patients

The ads were running on sites that are part of Google Display Network that comprises more than two million pages.


Created Google Adwords campaign has achieved great success so we will continue with ongoing work on optimization.