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Video advertising-Victorinox

Long and tedious ads in which special offers and product bragging that are put in the first plan, slowly goes in history. Video advertising has become a real hit! Users are rejected by traditional advertising and are more attracted to different and innovative video advertising. YouTube is...

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10 January

Google Adwords campaign for Orthodontics Marelić

Google Adwords campaign For client Orthodontics Marelić we set up a Google Adwords campaign that includes Google search advertising and remarketing campaign through Display Network. The campaign on the search network is used to help users to get information about your products and services at the very...

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22 July
Remarketing kampanja - landing page - radionica

Google Adwords remarketing campaign for TAG Heuer

Remarketing campaign For TAG Heuer watches we made Google Adwords remarketing campaign for Croatia. For the purposes of the campaign, we have created an attractive banners for male and female collection of watches and customized landing page.Google Adwords remarketing campaigns through the Display Network includes display...

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18 May